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Sunday, December 23, 2007

yes i did

The hearts game
The mind thinks but the heart knows the things that really matter
To figure out what a person likes will only do to flatter
To earn their trust you must be true you must be pure of heart
To earn their love you must be you, you mus’nt act a part
But be the best you there is and let them in to see
they helped you on the way to becoming who you ought to be
They’ll see Honesty loyalty and a friendship so blind
That they won’t have much choice but to keep you in mind
But remember this will not guarantee you forever
Just because you thought up something so clever
The search will go on, the heart knows what’s best
It’ll go till it has beaten right out of your chest
With desire and passion that just one will know
The one who says yes…unless they say no
And if it be that you haven’t been chosen
Your heart could break or beat still as if frozen
The night will be long and unending to seem
That the world has no shimmer with no light to gleam
in the darkest of time you have spent on your knees
Asking heaven above to bless with comfort to ease
The pain in your breast so that it fades away
For the triumphant moment when you stand to say
“I do” before someone who has given an oath
To extol love forever in infinite growth.
Then you will know that the heart did it’s work
While heaven looks down with an I told you so smirk!